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Frequently Asked Questions

Will my flowers look like the pictures?

Yes! If you purchase something that is ready to ship you will receive the item exactly as it is pictured.
Most of our smaller items such as buttonholes, corsages, hair accessories are all made to order but we will only keep these items listed for sale for as long as we have the materials in stock. So yes, they will be the same as the pictures.
Bouquets we will only keep listed when have all or nearly all of the flowers in stock. On occasion there may be a small variation, but never the main focal flowers. If we did need to make a change, then we would discuss this with you and/or send you photos prior to shipping.
If you are having us create something for you bespoke, from inspiration pictures you need to bear in mind that we are not making an identical copy of your photos. We always send you photos of your flowers during the process so you can be sure that you will receive flowers exactly as you want them.
We need to point out that colours vary on different screens. Therefore the colours in the photos may appear slightly different to your viewing screen. We do everything possible to ensure that the images look most like and represent the colours of the flowers but cannot be held responsible for such discrepancies.

Will my flowers look real?

We get asked this question all the time, so we know that it is important to you. We work our hardest to make your flowers look realistic. The best way to answer this question is to suggest you look at our reviews on Etsy and see how often our lovely customers comment and make mention to how real their bouquets looked. We have been told of hotel staff putting our bouquets into vases of water because they didn’t realise they were artificial, customs at the airport having to touch the flowers just to double check they were fake, and photographers not even realising until they picked the bouquets up.

Your own photos

I have a photo of a bouquet that I really like, or I have seen an item on your instagram that is not in your shop, how do I order that?

We can definitely work with you. We simply ask that you send us those pretty pics and we can easily work off of those! Each arrangement is unique in elements and styles. We will chat with you what we can do, what is and isn’t available and come up with a design that represents your photos best. It's a promise that we will create a stunning and beautiful bouquet, tailored to your liking.

Types of flowers

What type of flowers and foliage do you use? Silk, real touch, latex, plastic – the list goes on.

We use a mixture of all types of flowers. We always carefully select each and every item that we use. This is based on their closeness in colour, style and texture to the real thing.
Our preference is for quality silk flowers. We rarely use real touch, unless that is the only option available for a particular flower that looks realistic (such as frangipanis). Ultimately, our aim is to provide you with flowers and foliages that look as realistic as possible, keeping in mind that some items are only available in a certain type of product.
In some cases real touch is not always the best option. We hear all the time from our customers that real touch flowers are of better quality and why aren’t we using them. Unfortunately, in our experience this is not always the case, the flowers and leaves often have a coating of latex (soft plastic), this latex attracts dust and sadly over even short periods of time often discolours (especially pale colours), the latex also can deteriorate and crumble away in time.
If we do need to use real touch or plastic items you can rest assured that they are tested and we will always mix them up with quality silk flowers to create bouquets and more that look as real as possible. Being qualified florists with extensive experience using real flowers, we pride ourselves on only selecting the most life-like stems that we can find, that creates the most natural looking bouquets possible.

How can I pay?

We like to make it as easy as possible for you. You can pay by:
  • Check-out through our website shopping cart. Credit cards are processed securely for us via Paypal. You do not need to have or use a Paypal account.
  • Bank transfer — choose "Pay with other method".
  • Credit card payment over the phone (1.9% surcharge)
    — choose "Pay with other method".

Can I pay the order off?

Yes, we can organise a payment plan. An upfront deposit of 20% is required you can then make part payments as and when you wish anytime up until the flowers are ready to be shipped. You are also welcome to make an initial deposit payment and then one final payment before the flowers are collected/shipped.

Where do you ship to?

Just about anywhere in the world.

Within Australia we use either Australia Post or Sendle couriers. We work out the most economical option at the time of shipping. Both options come with tracking and insurance.
Internationally, we ship around most of the world with a few exceptions. If your country doesn’t appear in the shipping countries at checkout please contact us to discuss.
International orders are all sent with Australia Post. They come with full tracking and insurance.

Please be aware that if your country has customs duties this cost is not included in the shipping price and it is your responsibility.

Can l pick up?

Yes! Our home studio is located in Bellbird Park, 35 minutes south west from the city on the southside of Brisbane.

How long will it take for my order to ship?

Each item in our store notes a time frame for processing, you can see it on the right hand side of the listing under ’Shipping and Returns’.
Bouquets -
* If marked Ready to Ship then it will be shipped within 48 hours of purchase.
* If not marked Ready to Ship and everything is in stock processing can take 1 to 2 weeks.

Buttonholes, Corsages, Hair Accessories and Wreaths are all made within 3 to 5 days.

Nearly all our items are made to order hence the time frames. We are very willing to work with you if you need items sooner, please just message us to discuss.

What if I need it quicker?

We will try to accommodate rush orders wherever possible. We are well aware that there are times when something is needed urgently, we will always try to juggle our work diary to fit your order in. You will need to contact us first to discuss and work out a time frame and shipping schedule. You may need to upgrade to express shipping (at an extra charge).

How long does shipping take?

Once your order is shipped we will contact you with the details including tracking numbers. Australia Post within Australia takes 4 to 6 days. Couriers take anywhere between 4 to 10 days depending on where you are in Australia. International shipping varies for your country but most destinations are received within 2 weeks. You are more than welcome to contact us prior to ordering for time estimates.

How do you pack my flowers?

We have shipped over 1000 orders through our Etsy store and definitely know how to pack your order up so it arrives perfectly. For small items, they are wrapped in acid free tissue paper, packed into small boxes that are then bubble wrapped before being shipped in satchels or boxes. Bouquets are in suitable sized boxes, wrapped in acid free tissue and boxes filled with bubble wrap and new filler paper. In all the orders we have shipped we have only had two problems. One – a postal worker stole a week’s worth of deliveries before disappearing and the second did arrive like an elephant had sat on the box. The stolen package was shipped to LA and with only a weeks notice of the problem we had replacement bouquets made and shipped within a day to arrive in the US 2 days before the wedding. The second order after discussions with the customer she chose to have her order fully refunded.

So, if something arrives damaged, what happens?

In the unlikely event that something is damaged during shipping we will do everything possible to rectify the issue with you.
You will need you to contact us, with descriptions and photos of the damage. We require this to be done within 4 days of your receiving the order.
We will then discuss with your options. Normally, we will offer you replacement items or refunds.

Keeping flowers

My wedding is months away, how should I keep my flowers?

The majority of our customers purchase and receive their flowers well in advance of their wedding. We can assure you that they will be perfectly fine stored away until your big day. They can be kept in the box they are shipped in. About two weeks prior to the wedding date get them out of the box, give them a good fluff and tug any flowers that have squished slightly out. Then keep them in the smaller support box that they were shipped in and let them sit. Well away from light and extreme heat and with a light scarf draped over them to keep the dust off.

Can I return or get a refund for my order?

We like to deal with these issues on a client to client basis. Our general rule, though is no we don’t accept returns / make refunds due to the nature of our work so all sales are final. We do everything in our power to represent our products exactly as they look in the photos and descriptions. If you wanted to discuss a return/refund you would need to contact us within 48 hours of receiving the order and we can take it from there. Unfortunately, in the past we have accepted returns and made refunds only to discover pictures on social media of the same customer using the flowers for their wedding day and then requesting a refund. It’s a rare occurrence but has happened.
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